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The Silmarillion Anniversary Celebration's Journal
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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
12:14 am
Just a few 100x100 pixels...
As almost always, Elleth comes in late, but I doubt that anyone here will greatly mind. At any rate - I come bearing gifts. People already linked to my 100 Silmarillion icons and a few Silmarillion red x icons at the beginning of the project, but in fact, I have some more to offer, just finished last night... some of the (to me) most poignant quotes in the Silmarillion, and some simple croppings of my Silmarillion artwork. Feel free to grab all and any. :)

Thus it was that...Collapse )

It's been a wonderful time, and I do confess that I'm sad that was is over so quickly - you people definitely made this project what it was intended to be!
Monday, October 1st, 2007
11:55 pm
More Guest Contributions
Before the official project closes, here are more guest contributions for your viewing pleasure.

First of all, a message forwarded from Karen aka Weather-Angel-Adept.


I don't have a LiveJournal account, but I'd still be pleased to contribute artwork to the Silmarillion Anniversary Celebration. I have five Silmarillion-related drawings in my collection, from a class project I did a couple years ago. First, there's the drawing of Maglor's Emblem, a piece of heraldry I created for Maglor (kind of with the idea in mind that the emblem was envisioned after he threw the last Silmaril into the sea). I also did two drawings of the Silmarils. One shows the three Silmarils shining side-by-side, and the other is a closeup of one Silmaril in its full splendor. I think the drawing of the single Silmaril is probably my favorite of the five. Lastly, I drew Telperion and Laurelin. I think Telperion came out pretty well, but Laurelin didn't quite turn out as good -- I rushed that one a bit. All of the above are done with colored pencils, I hope people enjoy them! ^_^



The second guest is BalduranDeArnise, who would like to share his visions of the Valar, most notably Aulë and Tulkas.


Thank you so much for your contributions! :)
Sunday, September 30th, 2007
6:44 pm
The 30th already. Damn.

Since the 15th, I've been googling "30yearssilm" (I was curious, and then it turned into a sort of shortcut for me to get to the comm.) and there were only 2 results in the beginning. Now, when I google it, it gives: 37 on the last page (although it says 337 entries on the first) and if I check the omitted results, it totals to 347. Yay!

Okay, aside from random facts, I have some Maedhros and Fingon-themed things.

Written for dawn_felagund's birthday this year:

And once again, I have a music video. This one was tentatively thought of after the first one of Nerdanel and Feanor (although inspired well before), but I thought it best (for my fingers) to leave off art for some time. Thusly, a few months later in May, I finished it. It wasn't completely...edited then, so I went over it later, made tweaks, and the finished project : http://download.yousendit.com/1F7AA44E58DDF46C (14.91MB)

Originally, I had it set to different song, one in my native language, which fit the mood (and the size- 50 frames or so) much better. Then I thought, oh well, I can take out a few scenes and squeeze it in using the song "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story. After all, that was the song that inspired it.

So here are the outtakes:

Current Mood: accomplished
3:32 pm
Well, I am no artist and cannot compete in Photoshop with other more professinal users, but I did this a year or so ago and thought it looked a lot like Luthien. I did very little to the original photo of my daugthter, but change the color of the dress, raise the neckline a bit and generally soften the focus (oh and removed original background and added a starry sky). readCollapse )
9:20 pm
Assorted ficlets of other Fëanorians
September is nearly over... here are some assorted ficlets for the fans of the Fëanorians

Title: A tribute to love
Rating: R
Beta: isil_elensar
Summary: A Fëanorian and his wife share a special moment of love and reverence.

A tribute to loveCollapse )

Title: The Essence of Fire
Rating: PG
Beta: trekqueen
Summary: Curufin's thoughts at Losgar
Author Introduction: drabbled for the OSA drabble challenge #77: Inner Monologue.

The Essence of FireCollapse )

Title: A Mother's Wish
Rating: general
Summary: Nerdanel cannot longer withstand a lament.
Author Introduction: Written for the OSA Drabble Challenge #32: Left Behind.

A Mother's WishCollapse )

Title: Fighting for Hope
Rating: G
Beta: trekqueen
Summary: Amras considers his future and that of his House when he holds a newborn baby.
Author Introduction: This double drabble is written for Isil Elensar ánd for Seven in '07 project for the Silmarillion Writers Guild.

Fighting for HopeCollapse )

Title: Love Begotten
Rating: NC-17/adult
Summary: Fëanor and Nerdanel create their first child.
Warnings: Mature Themes, Sexual Content
Story Notes: Written for the OSA challenge #41: Wonder and/or Exhaustion. A double drabble.

Love BegottenCollapse )

Title: First Blood Spilled
Rating: G
Beta: isil_elensar
Summary:Fëanor races home to Formenos after the news of his father's death. What goes through him when he arrives on the scene?
Author Notes: Written for the OSA Drabble challenge #29: First loss
Warnings: character death

First Blood SpilledCollapse )

Title: Swan Dance
Rating: PG
Summary: The thoughts of one of Feänor's sons during the 1st kinslaying in Alqualondë.
Author Notes: Written for the OSA drabble challenge #58: Sin

Swan DanceCollapse )
9:05 pm
Guest Contribution!
Another guest post before the (official) celebrations end - Vigshane dedicated a beautiful picture of Lúthien to the Silmarillion's 30th anniversary and decided to share it with us. Thank you! :)

Current Mood: calm
4:17 pm
Last-minute art
I fail! I had hoped to finish a larger picture or work on my illuminated Silm or write a lengthy essay or cobble together at least some of the pieces of music that have passages that I find fitting for a weak rendition of the Ainulindalë, but I was thwarted by a house, a term paper, work and other pesky real life business, and now all I have to offer is a bunch of orcs.

They're Silm!timeline orcs, though, as is apparent by the crude Silmaril device on their helmets (Morgoth may have power, but he isn't the keenest of designers) and the highly fashionable lock of red hair pinned to their armour (which marks them as participants in the campaign against Maedhros. Also, as the first to get slaughtered by vengeful Noldor later on).
So, instead of fine art or deep thoughts, have some orcs!

Warning for. Um. Grime and dirt and posing with weapons? I don't even know whether there is a warning for this.
3:58 pm
Maeglin, Eärendil, Dior, Beren and Mithrellas ficlets.
Even though I am a Fëanorian writer at heart, I do occasionally write other Silmarillion characters. Also as of tomorrow I am going to enjoy reading and catching up with all the great material posted in this community! So much to look forward to!

Title: Shattered Twilight
Summary: Maeglin cannot let go of his muse during his final moments
Author Notes: This ficlet is written in response to request from trekqueen on my LJ Drabble Request Challenge.

Shattered TwilightCollapse )

Title: A Mariner's heart
Rated: G
Summary: Eärendil faces his first and big love...
Author Note: Written for OSA Drabble Challenge #27: First love

A Mariner's heartCollapse )

Title: Enchantment
Rated: G
Summary: Lúthien Tinúviel just dances on the glades of Esgalduin...
Author Note: Written for OSA Drabble Challenge #10: Creativity

Enchantment"Collapse )

Title: Dancing barefoot
Rated: G
Summary: Dior sees Nimloth for the first time.

Dancing barefootCollapse )

Title: Torn asunder
Rated: G
Summary: What were Mithrellas thoughts on the eve when she left her family behind on Middle Earth?
Story Notes: Written for OSA drabble Challenge #21: Double Drabble. Themes chosen: Regret (challenge nr 1) and Minor Character(challenge nr 20).

Torn AsunderCollapse )

Title: Night Magic
Rating: nc-17/adult
Characters: Maeglin, OFC, Aredhel, Eöl
Warnings: angst & adult situations
Betas: the fab trekqueen and Khylea
Summary: Aearwen, elf of Nan Elmoth, looks back on her past and key moments with those she loved and are lost to her.
Author’s foreword: This is written for my friend Aearwen who I drew for the 2006 LittleBalrog/Dream Elf Het Swap.

Be aware! This url leads to a different LJ page, because of its length (short story)! Night Magic
2:56 pm
30 years silm... 30 years of Celegorm!
There can't be a party about the Silmarillion without Celegorm present (well I wouldn't dare to exclude him)! ;)

Title: I alone shall lead you
Rating: G
Summary: Celegorm gathers his men to wage war on an army of Orcs.

I alone shall lead youCollapse )

Title: Vengeance's Folly
Rating: PG
Beta: trekqueen
Summary: Celegorm observes his brother's when all lick their wounds after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.
Disclaimer: Celegorm belongs to the Professor Tolkien and his estate.
Author Introduction: This double drabble is written for Seven in '07 project for the Silmarillion Writers Guild.

Injustice is relatively easy to bear; it is justice that hurts.
~H.L. Mencken
Vengeance's FollyCollapse )

Title: Until fate reigns
Rating: General
Beta: trekqueen
Summary: Celegorm and Curufin share a typical brotherly moment.
Author notes: Drabbled for the OSA Drabble Challenge nr 61: To Inspire and Amuse

Until fate reignsCollapse )

Title: Autumn Hunter
Rating: R/Adult
Summary: Celegorm returns home after the autumn hunt... A tripple drabble.

Autumn HunterCollapse )

Title: Looking Back, Looking Forward
Rating: G
Beta: trekqueen
Summary: The thoughts on friendship between Celegorm and Aredhel when both leave Valinor behind on their journey into exile.
Author notes: Written for the OSA drabble challenge #60: "Weather"

Looking Back, Looking ForwardCollapse )

Title: True Diplomacy
Rating: G
Beta: trekqueen
Summary: Maedhros has passed on rulership of the Noldor to Fingolfin. This drabble relfects Celegorm's thoughts.
Story Notes: Written for the OSA Drabble Challenge #30: Addiction (but not to the ring)

True DiplomacyCollapse )
9:42 am
Bits and bobs
More bits and bobs :)

The Light of the Silmarils
by =Elegaer on deviantART

More prettiesCollapse )

Current Mood: cheerful
2:29 am
Last day! (Sort of.) ;_;

Yesterday, after taking a horribly long survey & feeling dead, typed up a short fanfic (what is it with me & fanfics all of a sudden?). It was Maitimo's point of view after the Sack of Doriath-- or should I say Maedhros in this context?-- & figured it would work to type up something like that when I was tired. So maybe I will torment you all with yet another badly-written fic. (I uploaded the other one onto DeviantArt, by the way. It now has a name: Findecáno Decides to Become an Artist or How He Roped Maitimo Into Being a Model. So far, at least three (?) people seem to like it. (Two on LJ, one on DA.))

So, just because I have nothing better to do:

This is how it will end- Maitimo & Macalaurë, really.- Angst, if you want to call it that. Very short, not even two pages in Word. (But then again, the font size is set at nine.)

Read more...Collapse )

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Friday, September 28th, 2007
9:42 pm
Ah, Nerdanel and Feanor. One of the most interesting relationships in the Silmarillion, I think. (But I'm biased. *cough*)

Some Seven in '07 things:


And the corresponding fic:


Young Nerdanel on one of her journeys.


A drabble. Nerdanel thinks on a certain flaw of her husband.



And finally...sometime ago (I think in March) I put together a music video for Feanor and Nerdanel. I've edited it, and if anyone wants to view it: http://download.yousendit.com/5D1CD9487A1826AB (12.23MB)

My apologies for not using YouTube, but I'm a bit cagey about my art.


Current Mood: restless
11:22 am
Two for Trouble (short, G-rated)
Written for the SIlmarillion Writers Guild July 2007 “The Terrible Twos!” Challenge. (Ambarussa, Maedhros, Nerdandel, OMC)readCollapse )
3:39 pm
Maglor drabbles
Just a selection of many, but I wanted to share some of my favourite Maglor drabbles.

Title: Heartsong
Character: Maglor/OFC
Rating: R
Warnings: adult situation
Summary: Two bards, hands, whispers, movements and finding each other in longing.
HeartsongCollapse )

Title: Illuminated promise
Rated: G
Summary: Maglor and the Silmaril's: his first encounter

Illuminated promiseCollapse )

Title: Ice and Fire
Rating: R / Adult
Warnings: maritial situation
Beta: trekqueen
Summary: Maglor and his wife seek reprieve on a hot summer day.

Ice and FireCollapse )

Title: Perturbation of Fate
Rating: G
Beta: trekqueen
Summary: Maglor on the shores of Middle Earth while still remaining true to the Oath. This is another exploration of his reasons to linger on the shores while the jewel dwells in the ocean.

Perturbation of FateCollapse )

Title: Unity
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Maglor has a deep love for his family.
Warnings: explicit maritial situation
UnityCollapse )

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3:29 pm
Maedhros vignette's
I don´t write Maedhros often, only by request and for friends. Excerpts of both vignettes also appeared in the Seven in ´07 at the Silmarillion Writers Guild.

Title: Midwinter thoughts
Rating: G
Beta: isil_elensar
Summary: Maedhros muses on his purpose in life.

Midwinter thoughtsCollapse )

Title: Devious Council
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Caranthir threathens the fragile alliances of the Noldor, but what is Maedhros’ move?

Devious CouncilCollapse )

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3:16 pm
The voices of Silence
This drabble series was written to a challenge response with the theme silence.The more I thought about it, the more muses responded ranging from Nerdanel to Finwë. I could ignore those voices... but that would be insanity ;)

Title: The Voices of Silence
Rating: PG
Beta: trekqueen
Summary: The house of Finwë is marred by tragedy and darkness, the Fëanorians the most. This work adresses important moments in the fate of the house and how all react to it.

“Stillness is the tranquility of the inner life; the quiet at the depths of its hidden streams. It is a collected, total presence, a being ‘all there,’ receptive, alert, ready . . . It is when the soul abandons the restlessness of purposeful activity.”
-- Romano Guardini

The Voices of SilenceCollapse )

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2:00 pm
The WIP that wouldn't be finished in time...
 but that I worked on enough last night, that I can give you a sneak peak now. I had really wanted to have it finished.. It is Mablung at the second sack of Doriath when he has sworn to defend the Silmaril, so that Beren and Luthien may have it, now that Thingol is dead and Melian has departed. He has taken up his last stand in the doorway to the treasury... (There are no gory details, and no on screen violence, so you should be safe enough ;) )

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Thursday, September 27th, 2007
10:52 pm
Only three/two days. D:

Today is a Maedhros, Curufin, and Celebrimbor-ish post.

Y'know, this theme stuff started off very coincidentally.
Most of the pictures I have are from Seven in '07, and the writing is fairly new stuff. Whatever I wrote seemed to, strangely, correspond with a picture I already had drawn. I didn't make any conscious effort. :S *is confuzzled*

And now...a Maedhros fic I wrote for Dawn Felagund last Christmas (the first Silmfic I ever showed anyone else):

Next is a picture of Maedhros which I drew for Seven in '07. I figured if he had to wield a sword with his left hand, and mastered it better than he had with his right, he'd also have used better the pen/quill/writing instrument with his right hand as well.

The following is something I've always wanted to write and seized this chance to do so; Celebrimbor finding about Curufin's death. I'm on the very fringes of canon here, though...

And the next two pictures are also from Seven in '07- Celebrimbor looking rather put out and Curufin performing one of the, um, finer points of fatherhood- getting up in the middle of the night to tend to your baby son in order to let your wife catch some well-deserved sleep. Heh.

Good night everyone!

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8:29 pm
Wrote up a stupid little Sil fic last Friday & finished it yesterday. It's what comes of being bored & not sure whether or not to go to an open Figure session (ended up not going; went to Carver instead, where the nudes are on the walls (which sounds so misleading)). Haven't written fanfic in forver, much less anything else non-fiction, & it shows (painfully so). So of course I decide to embarrass myself royally via the internet.

Don't kill me, please. :p

(no title)-Maitimo, Findecáno, & a little bit of Macalaurë & Fëanáro.- Much glaring & eyerolling. They are fairly young in this; Nerdanel is perhaps pregnant with Carnistir, but Tyelcormo would still be a baby. Maybe implied slash? Depends on how you look at it; it could go either way. Didn't write it up any particular way. (I assure you, though, there will never be incest.) But if you don't like such ideas, then don't read, for any such implications will make you rant & then it shall be my turn to get angry. Same goes for if you are offended by nudity in any way, shape or form.

(Any knowledge of any kind of epessë or whatever that Findecáno may have had is welcome. As is knowledge of the Quenyan form of "Fëanorian.")

In which somebody decides to become an artist. (<-lame)Collapse )
10:04 pm
Silm drawings. :)
Well, I really wanted to create something new to commemorate the birthday of the Silmarillion, but there are not enough hours in a day for me to be able to finish it, unfortunately. So instead I will share some of what I have done in those few months I have been drawing from the Silm. :) I have always loved Tolkien's works, but my life as a student was too busy and focused elsewhere, and my artistic tendencies have been sorely neglected. Until I handed in the final thesis, and took up my pencils. I shall never put them down again. Drawing these interesting characters is one of the most relaxing exercises that I know of. Anyway, on to the art. (Some of you may recognice some of these from the 7in07 at SilmarillionWritersGuild.)





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